"Liednet" would like to build up a network with teachers and lecturers on international higher education music conservatories and universities (as well as other equivalent institutes).

You will find on this website the link to the Liednet-Website , where all interested parties in the field of Lied/ Art Song can exchange thoughts concerning questions of a musical, pedagogical or poetic nature. In addition to this you can share or find information about Lied repertoire and events.

Idealy the core of this idea is to come into contact with fellow colleagues and above all establish new contacts.

A further specific goal is to search internationally and find out who teaches Art Song (in one form or other) at which institute. Up to now such a consolidation of this information does not exist. Therefore it is desirable in this point to decisively proceed in order to give new impulses in Art Song (and its conveyance).

Herewith are all those interested in this activity field cordially invited to take part in this website. For publishing contents on the website please Write t9 webmaster@liednet.eu.

Such a forum thrives through the participation from numerous individuals and not through the activity of one single person and so a spirited heartful start of this initiative with the beginning of the New Year 2015!

To go to the Liednet-website please click on the Liednet-logo!

Prof. Axel Bauni (Transl.: Prof. Peter Nelson)